✦ Simple pieces with a trendy twist 

Viva La Vibe is an online boutique based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Hi, I'm Justine Erica, the owner of Viva La Vibe. From working a retail job at the mall, to sharing outfits on my blog & Instagram, fashion has always been a passion of mine.

Viva La Vibe was a concept started in January 2019 & planned throughout the rest of 2019. I would daydream about all aspects of the business during class & at my part-time job. Hence the quote "don't quit your daydream" in my Instagram bio at the time.

Viva La Vibe is a reflection of my wardrobe, from everyday wear to festival fashion, all in one place. I wanted to showcase my personal style - like you're shopping in my closet, so every single piece is carefully selected & loved in its own way. 

February 29, 2020 ✦ Leap year only happens every 4 years so I decided to take a leap & launch my boutique!

Thank you for supporting my small business, for making my dreams come true, & for the good vibes